Resistex® Carbon comes from laboratories researches at technofilati, a textile company specialized in producing high-tech yarns for sports , protective and well-being wear. It is a yarn by the unique technical characteristics, consisting of a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon and textile fibers.
Thanks to Resistex® Carbon a regular piece of clothing can be turned into an ally capable of improving any performance.

Hi-tech yarn
Resistex® Carbon is a yarn by the unique technical characteristics, obtained by the union of textile fibers with a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon.

Static protection
Extensive studies in the field of ESD (Electro Static Discharge), have shown that the problem of controlling static electricity and electric fields variables, refer to any type of environment.
The human organism is affected by the presence of these natural phenomena.
In fact, the electrical charges that are dispersed in our body are responsible for numerous adverse effects. Resistex® Carbon prevent the discharge of electrical charges on the body, thus preventing muscle twitching, cramps, and fatigue.
Carbon improves the electric performance of human bodies by promoting blood circulation and the regular supply of oxygen to the cells.
The characteristics of high conductivity Resistex® Carbon also allow to improve the dispersion of moisture favoring sweat evaporation. The least moisture in contact with the skin, the greater is the sensation of wellbeing.








Resistex® Carbon. Increase your performance
It is shown that Resistex® Carbon increases the efficiency of technical sportswear increasing muscular performances of the athlete. Resistex® Carbon is high performance, in particular, in disciplines that require prolonged physical effort over time and under high temperature ambient conditions.

The performance of the athlete, intended as the percentage of metabolic energy that the muscular system is able to transform into mechanical energy, remains constant and even tends to grow during the thirty minutes of effort wearing the shirt Resistex® Carbon; in particular it is observed a performance of 24.68% at 15 minutes against one of 24.93% at the end of 30 minutes.
On the contrary, by wearing a jersey in total polyester, the performance percentage tends to diminish over time during the exercise. So Resistex® Carbon delays the onset of fatigue during exercise.

The first significant finding, emerged from the test, involves the body temperature measured on the athletes. Wearing Resistex® Carbon shirts, the temperature change was found to be three times lower than the one measured with shirts in a 100% polyester. The exceptional breathability of the fabric allows a faster evaporation of the moisture.

During training, the breathing parameters of the subjects wearing the jerseys in Resistex® Carbon resulted favorably changed. In fact, the oxygen requirement was lowered of three liters / minute, and the respiratory quotient.
heart rate
The heart rate is reported to be 4 beats / min lower than those wearing the shirts in 100% polyester: in a 4 hours run you will get about 1000 beats / minute less.

Lactic acid
During physical activity with Resistex® Carbon wear, the concentration of lactic acid in capillar blood is reported to be about 12% less than normal.

And, moreover, it lasts over time
The Resistex® Carbon particular structure allows its precious characteristics not mute with time. The continuous filament of conductive material grants its efficency even after numerous washings.

antistaticoTest EOS-ESD
Electricity Over Stress – Electro Static Discharge.
Test that verifies the static-dissipative features of Resistex® Carbon in different situations of trials and after several washes.

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oekoTest OEKO-TEX classe 1
Test confirming the absence of harmful substances.
Resistex® Carbon can also be put in contact with the skin of children.
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sportCentro Sviluppo Allenamento
Test that verifies the performance of Resistex® Carbon yarns during sports.
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